Preventive Maintenance Services​

For any business that utilizes scales of any kind, preventative maintenance should be a routine part of operations. Without regular service and calibration, a scale could be incorrect or operating outside of regulation requirements. Scheduling routine preventative maintenance for your scales can provide peace of mind – not to mention cost savings.

Why choose us?

Left Coast Scales is ISO-17025 accredited. We offer a wide range of calibrations and associated paperwork for scales as well as lab calibrations for other instrumentation. We offer several types of calibration service, depending on device requirements:
  • Standard Scale Check With Calibration Summary: For scales where pinpoint accuracy isn’t necessary and extensive documentation isn’t required. This service includes a basic check over and weight check.
  • ISO Check With Certificate: For certain scales where ISO documentation is required and the highest level of testing is necessary, this service ensures the most complete level of accuracy.
  • Custom Calibration Services: For non “scale” testing including elevator capacity checks, rigging and strap testing, stage capacity testing, and more.
  • Lab: For specialty non-scale equipment including mechanical, thermodynamic and electrical devices.
Increase profits with preventative maintenance Left Coast Scales can provide any scale type with periodic, preventive maintenance, that includes:
  • Visual inspection
  • Testing and adjustment
  • Documenting equipment condition
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Calibrations adjustments as necessary
  • Repairs and installation of new parts as necessary
  • Placement of signed inspection sticker with date of service
  • Post-inspection report
Tank Scale Calibration and testing
NHRA Calibration