Products & Solutions

Preventive Maintenance Service

We come to your business on a regular basis to calibrate your scales and catch problems before they arise.

Our ISO-17025 Accredited calibration services and reporting help you to know that your processes are running smoothly.

Equipment Sales & Rentals

Our staff want to help you get the equipment you need to do your job as efficiently as possible. They would be happy to do the research to find what you need at the best price possible.
We also understand that sometimes these things can get expensive so we can also offer other options, such as rentals, to save you money in the long run.

Engineering & Systems

Do you have a unique business or need? We can work with you to come up with a weighing system that will fit both your needs and your budget. Our staff includes, electronic and service technicians, as well as several programmers and a mechanical engineer.

Onsite Trouble Shooting

When something stops working correctly, give us a call and we'll have someone sent to your site to figure it out and get it working again as soon as possible. Whether it is scale calibration or repair, our fully stocked service vehicles will help optimize your up time.

Scale & Systems Installation

You have some equipment that needs setting up? We will install, and calibrate it for you regardless of where it was purchased! We install it all, from Truck and Rail Scales all the way down to Micro-Balances, from the simplest Plug-and-Play installations to complex System Integrations.

Heavy Capacity Services

Is your truck scale being tested properly?
NIST requires that truck scales are to be tested to 12½ % of capacity with certified test weights and then up to 25% of capacity total. We perform Heavy Capacity service with at least 20,000 lbs of certified test weight and then to a total test weight of at least 42,000 lbs.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions for Service and Equipment Sales